Saturday, 22 October 2011

When Blogging Is Hazardous To Your Health.

So since I started this blog, not even two weeks ago I've tried to get on as often as I can, you know between work and sleeping and whatnot.
So the other night after my last working day of the week I was carrying my laptop through the living room to work on my blog when I tripped over a whole lot of stuff on the floor (thanks for that Mum), now I can't get an X-ray done till Monday and I'm pretty sure I've broken a couple of toes and quite possibly another part of the foot. (Yay Me) Not!
So incapacitated as I am I can barely walk on my foot, but I've spent the time making my blog look pretty and keeping up with Follow Friday (there's a lot of people on that list!), so has anyone else had a blog related incident or am I just a klutz?
Let me know.


  1. not so far , but i think it will happn 2 me, hopefully not that severe ^_^ feel betttr soon

  2. Oh my goodness! Feel better soon!

  3. Nothing as serious as broken limbs. just loss of sleep staying up on the computer, blog hopping, at all hours of the night. I hope your okay! feel better

  4. I haven't had an incident quite as bad as yours but I do find that when blogging I tend to lie on my stomach on the floor while typing and after a while my back starts killing me! I should probably stop doing this but I can't seem to help it! I hope you get better soon!

    Megan @ Storybook Love Affair

  5. And your blog DOES look very pretty!


  6. Omg, that sucks o: Luckily I haven't been, the worst have been bad pain in my neck/shoulder for two weeks, but nothing that bad :/ Hope you get better quickly and it's not too bad!