Sunday, 20 November 2011

Book Review (19).

A Vampire for Christmas


Publication: 1st November 2011
Publisher: Harlequin
Pages: 384
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Age Appropriate: Adult

All they want for Christmas is you…
It's the time of year for twinkling lights on trees and kisses under the mistletoe. Yet the passing of another year means nothing to the stunning immortals who lurk in the shadows of the new-fallen snow.
And they don't care if you've been naughty or nice.
Let four fanged lovers open your eyes to a passion you never dared to imagine. After all, there's no place like home for the holidays—and these dazzling vampires can't wait for an invitation.
My Thoughts.
I loved this book and will definately seek out a physical copy.
Enchanted By Blood - Laurie London.
I loved this story it's part of Laurie's Sweetblood series and while I've never read that series I understood what was going on just fine.
Charlene went out to a nightclub with her friend Kari who then ditched her for a guy on the way to her car she is followed by two men just as they are about to attack she's saved by a man who shows up out of nowhere, unknown to Charlene the man who saved her Trace is no stranger he's a vampire she had a relationship with a year prior but he wiped her memory after she saw his cousin killing a woman after feeding on her.
As humans aren't allowed to know about vampires he felt it was the only thing left to do, he ends up hiring her to decorate his house for Christmas (she's an interior designer) and she eventually find's out what he is, and that they used to be together.
I loved this and will definately be checking out the Sweetblood series.
Monster's Don't Do Christmas - Michele Hauf
Daniel has only been a vampire one year after being changed one night on his way home from working on Wall Street , he's in the middle of a fight with two werewolves when they are interrupted by a woman Olivia who then invites Daniel into her home to tend to his wounds.
Olivia and he are instantly attracted to each other but when he find's out she's a famous singer he shy's away not wanting to be in the spotlight because of what he is, this story is about a celebrity who just wants to live a normal life and a vampire afraid of falling in love.
When Herald Angel's Sing - Caridad Pineiro
Over a century ago Damien was human and in love with Angelica, that all changed one Christmas Eve when Angelica was killed while trying to save Damien in a fight with a vampire who then changed Damien into a vampire too, a century later and it's Christmas again and the year before Angelica had come back but was ultimately killed again while trying to save Damien in a fight with the same vampire 100 years ago, this year she's back again and we find out she's actually his guardian angel who's trying to save him from killing and going to hell.
This story had a sort of a It's A Wonderful Life theme to it.
All I Want For Christmas - Alexis Morgan
Eagan is a vampire and was born that way, he's an undercover cop who's precinct is full of supernatural beings while on the hunt for some out of control vampires who are paying money to people to drink their blood stakes out at a diner run by Della who see's the good in everyone and doesn't realise most of the customers who frequent her diner are of the supernatural variety. 
They're attracted to each other but it takes Eagan a while to come around, it isn't until Della cuts herself one night and Eagan heals her with his saliva and blood she finds out who he is.
I loved this anthology and give it 5/5.


  1. So many Christmas books! Don't you love this time of year?

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  2. It's been a while since I read a vampire book. Sounds great. :) Loving the guy on the cover. lol.