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(ARC) Book Review (97) - Betrayed (The Guardian Legacy #2) - Ednah Walters

Betrayed (The Guardian Legacy #2)

This series just gets better and better, Ednah Walters name should be up there with the likes of Stephenie Meyer and Richelle Mead, why it isn't is beyond me.
In most series the sophomore release is usually not as good as the first but this book definitely surpassed it's predecessor Awakened and that book was fantastic!
Words cannot explain how much I loved this, it is high up on my favourite series for sure  and I'm highly anticipating the next book in the series Hunted.
I would suggest that you read the first book Awakened before delving into this one, only because there's a lot of information you find out in that book which helps to set up the storyline in Betrayed.
This book takes place eight months after the end of the last book and Lil is pretty much on house arrest, she's not allowed to go out hunting with the other trainee guardians and her spare time away from school is spent training with a new trainer Master Haziel, or leather face as Lil refers to him.
Lil starts getting phone calls from her father Valafar even after her phone is completely destroyed it's then that she realises that he's using a medium someone she knows and not only that there is a traitor among the guardians who is feeding knowledge to Valafar.
Bran starts to act really strange, he's never around and when he is he's very distracted, Lil knows he's keeping something from her but he won't tell her what it is.
Of course the trainee guardians are all back Sykes, Remy, Izzy and Kim, I love these characters there is not one character in this series that I'm not interested in reading about and I love that, I especially love the interactions between Sykes and Lil they are hilarious and then add Bran into the mix and it's just laugh out loud funny, as much as I love Sykes I'm glad that Walters hasn't gone down the same path that most other authors do and add in a love triangle, Lil and Bran are perfect together.
We actually get to see Izzy's powers in action which I love as we never really got to see them in the last book, Grampa looks set to start a relationship with Cardinal (Aunt) Janelle, helped along by both Lil and Janelle herself which is really sweet it's about time that he had someone for himself and to let go of his past.
And Lil's human friends are back Kylie, Mackenzie, Nikki and Amelia, but Kylie ad Mackenzie start acting weird as well and Lil feels like she's losing everyone she loves, Celeste (Bran's sister) is in this book a whole lot I really like her character and I like that Lil has a friend that she can talk to about all the supernatural happenings.
As for the end and the traitor well I definitely got that one wrong I changed my mind a couple of times through the book but was wrong both times, which reflects on how good Walters writing is.
I'm so happy to have discovered this series and it's author and I look forward to another exciting instalment next year.
I give this a huge 5/5.

A Huge Thanks To Spencer Hill Press For Allowing Me To Review This Book.

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  1. Wow, this really sounds fantastic! I've seen this series around a bit but haven't taken the time to really look at it properly- I'll have to change that now! It's so brilliant when a sequel is great because I find that rarely happens. Lovely review, Sarah!