Friday, 28 September 2012

Book Review (146): Intangible - J, Meyers

Intangible (Intangible #1)


I was very eager to start reading this book after how much I enjoyed reading the prequel Intuition.
After the ending from the prequel I couldn't wait to see how it was resolved, and I definitely wasn't disappointed!
We start off the story with twins Luke and Sera, they are both gifted with different powers, Luke is able to see the future and Sera can heal people with her touch.
Luke has had a vision of Sera's death and as yet he has never yet been able to stop anything he sees from coming true, and so he is extremely worried about how he will enable it from coming true.
He keeps the vision from Sera who notices that something is bothering him and while they usually tell each other everything this he can't.
Sera starts being followed by a man named Jonas he seems to be there one moment and then has disappeared the next, there is also a new boy in town Marcus whom Sera is attracted to but unbeknown to her he is hiding a secret that puts her and Luke's lives in danger.
Unknown to Luke and Sera is that they are the prophesied in the Children Of The Prophecy.
There are quite a few different paranormal entities in this story which I loved and also the fact that the story is told from the pov from not only the lead characters but the supporting characters too which gave us a glimpse into what they were thinking and why they did the things that they did.
This book was full of action, adventure and the bond between twins who would do anything for each other even sacrifice their lives for one other.
I'm highly anticipating the next book in the series, fingers crossed that there is one because I really want to read more about Luke and Sera's world.
I highly recommend this book, a great addition to the paranormal genre.
I give this 4/5.

A Big Thanks To J. Meyers For The Copy Of This Book To Review.

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  1. Intangible was great but I haven't read the prequel yet. And I can't wait for the sequel, the ending left me craving for more :)