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Blog Tour: Hex And The Single Witch - Roxanne Rhoads, Book Review (151).

Hex and the Single Witch

And I absolutely loved it, and I'm excited that it's part of a series and that we get to read even more about Anwyn, Mike and Galen and their world.
Anwyn is a witch who's powers aren't exactly much to talk about although she does have the power of knowing, the ability to know things and be able to 'see' people's last moments on earth, she uses her abilities while working as a Detective for the Preternatural Investigation Team (P.I.T Crew).
She is partnered with Mike Malone, gorgeous with the tendency to spout sexual innuendos whenever in Anwyn's prescence, in their town of Flint there has been a string of murders involving a vampire who is sucking the blood/life out of women while in the moment of passion, and Anwyn who usually can see these things has been blocked, she can experience all of the victim's last moments but can never see the murderers face.
In amongst all that is Anwyn's attraction to Galen a vampire. who has had a very tortured past which affects his life now, and the burgeoning relationship with Anwyn, whilst she is also attracted to Mike and ends up torn between the two.
I loved all of the different paranormals featured in this story it's not just limited to one or two, and it adds a bit more to the world that this story inhabits.
Anwyn is such a strong heroine who stands up for herself and for what she believes in, and the two potential suitors who are after her, YUM!
I loved everything about this book and really can't wait for the next instalment

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