Thursday, 31 January 2013

January Wrap-Up.

These are the books that I read this month:.

A total this month of 16 books.

5/5 Stars: 6 books (The Doorknob Society, The Impossible Engineers, Boyfriend From Hell, Reaper, Anna And The French Kiss, Reaper's Novice)
4.5/5 Stars: 0 books
4/5 Stars: 5 books (Lola And The Boy Next Door, Shadow Of Time, Burning Skies, Brink Of Eternity, Infinite Days)
3.5/5 Stars: 2 books (Earth Angel, Waterfall)
3/5 Stars: 1 book (Veiled Mist)
2.5/5 Stars: 1 book (Two And Twenty Dark Tales)
2/5 Stars: 1 book (The Darkening Dream)
1.5/5 Stars: 0 books
1/5 Stars: 0 books
0.5/5 Stars: 0 books
0/5 Stars: 0 books

A somewhat good month for reading, because there were a few that I read that I didn't really care for it put my reading back a bit (unfortunately I'm one of those people who has to finish reading a book even if I don't like it) and so I didn't get through them as fast as some of the others.
I'm hoping to read more than 16 in February, fingers crossed.
Two books really stood out for me this month, they are:
Reaper's Novice (Soul Collector #1) - Cecilia Robert I loved this book everyone should definitely pick it up,  it's currently $2.99 on Amazon, and well worth the money. (My Review)
Anna And The French Kiss - Stephanie Perkins I'm happy to say that for me this book definitely lived up to it's hype.

I hope everyone had a great reading month, and another good one coming up.


  1. Looks like you got through some pretty awesome books. Anna and the French Kiss was pretty good, and I remember reading and loving Boyfriend From Hell last year. :)

    Anyway, I did a wrap up post for January too, if you're interested. You can find it here.

    Have a great day!

  2. Thank you so much for the shout out, Sarah. I've been dancing around in my living room after I saw your prompt on FB. :) I read Anna and the French Kiss a month ago, and loved it as well. I have Lola and the boy next door and look forward to that.
    Thanks, again! <3