Thursday, 28 February 2013

February Wrap-Up.

These Are The Books That I Read This Month:

A Total This Month Of 13 Books.

5/5 Stars: 4 Books (Unmaking Hunter Kennedy, The Golden Lily, The Indigo Spell, Broken Wings)
4.5/5 Stars: 0 Books
4/5 Stars: 6 Books (The Reluctant Earl, Beautiful Creatures, Angel Eyes, A Natural History Of Dragons, Dualed, Farsighted)
3.75/5 Stars: 1 Book (Fall For Me)
3.5/5 Stars: 1 Book (Open Heart)
3/5 Stars: 0 Books
2.5/5 Stars: 1 Book (Shadowhunters And Downworlders)
2/5 Stars: 0 Books
1.5/5 Stars: 0 Books
1/5 Stars: 0 Books
0.5/5 Stars: 0 Books
0/5 Stars: 0 Books

A lot of 5's and 4's in my ratings this month, some great books I just wish that I had gotten around to reading more.

My standout this month was The Indigo Spell (I love me some Sydrian).
I cannot wait for The Fiery Heart.

I hope everyone had a great reading month, and another one in March.

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