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Book Review (260): No Reverse (Second Chances #1) - Marion Croslydon

No Reverse (Second Chances #1)

My Thoughts.
Loved It, Loved It, Loved It, Loveeeeeeeeeeeed It!
What a captivating and enthralling read, Marion has written a book that I can see myself rereading over and over again.
As soon as I read the synopsis for this book on Goodreads I knew I wanted to read it, it sounded right up my alley and the gorgeous cover definitely helped as well, and I'm extremely happy to say that this book lived up to my expectations and more.
I've always loved these kind of stories where there is a kid involved, it adds more to the story and when done right like it is in this novel you find yourself with an exceptionally good story, that you don't want to put down.
Cassie hasn't had an easy life, with no idea of who her Father is and spending time in the Foster Care system after the death of her druggie Mother she was taken in by her Grandmother, and at the age of six became best-friends with a boy named Josh who later became her boyfriend, sharing all their firsts together, and then she found out while in her senior year that she was pregnant.
Getting married seemed the next logical step, which they did, but then Cassie ran away and when she returned there was no baby, telling Josh that she'd had an abortion he couldn't forgive her, so he left Steep Hill for college and for a career in Capitol Hill whilst Cassie stayed behind caring for her ailing Grandmother, on the day of her funeral she received two letters, one containing divorce papers, the other containing information that will have Cassie racing to England to explain to Josh what really happened all those years ago after her disappearance and to beg him for his help, until she finds out that not only has he moved on but he's engaged as well, until the revelation that Cassie reveals to him has him second guessing his current relationship and that of his first love.
I really loved the shock reveal, what a great addition to the plot, it added more drama to this story that kept it flowing and had me flying through the book as fast as I possibly could.
I really look forward to the next book where Cassie and Josh's story wraps up I need to know how this series ends.
Marion I think you've found yourself a fan for life, I can't put into words how much I loved this book.
A huge 5/5 Stars.
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