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(ARC) Book Review (297): Arcadia Falls (Arkadien #3) - Kai Meyer

Arcadia Falls (Arkadien #3)

My Thoughts.
Arcadia Falls is the third and final book in the Arkadien trilogy by Kai Meyer.

What an epic and thrilling conclusion that will leave no questions unanswered, starting with a bang, digging it's claws into you so you can't put the book down until you reach the fantastic and perfect ending that will leave everyone satisfied.

I've thoroughly enjoyed each and every book in this series, getting better with each new instalment, and definitely and appropriately saving the best for last.

Full of twists and turns which I've come to expect from Kai's writing, there's never a dull moment which in a book consisting of 471 pages is a rarity and a very welcome surprise.

This book is full of amazingly written characterisations, and you need not look no further than our two leads: Rosa and Alessandro, two fully fleshed out characters that I've loved reading about, and have sadly had to say goodbye to in this series swan song.

Combining the Sicilian Mafia and the paranormal has worked a treat, especially having the two leaders of two opposing and long feuding families fall in love with each other, against the odds these two who through a long ago concordat are pretty much forbidden to be together, are now hunted by their own families.

For those of you that like forbidden romances, feuding families mixed up with paranormal aspects, then check these books out.

A great series that I plan on re-reading, highly recommended!

I give this 5/5 stars.

With millions of books sold worldwide, Kai Meyer is one of Germany's most successful authors. His novels have been translated into 27 languages including English, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Russian and Chinese.

Kai Meyer was born in 1969 in northern Germany. He began college at the University of Bochum, Germany, where he studied film, theatre, and philosophy. After a year, he dropped out to work for a newspaper as a trainee journalist, followed by two years as a staff journalist.

Kai wrote his first novel in his early 20s, and it was published when he was just 24 years old. He has been a full-time novelist since 1995. To date, Kai has written nearly 50 books – some for adults, some for teenagers. Kai’s books are mostly historical with strong fantastical overtones. There are over 1.5 million Kai Meyer books in print in Germany, and he is quickly gaining popularity in other countries as well: THE WATER MIRROR went into its third US printing before it was even delivered to bookstores, and his young adult dark fantasy series SIEBEN SIEGEL is a substantial hit in Japan. The British edition of THE FLOWING QUEEN / THE WATER MIRROR won the 2007 Marsh Award for Best Children´s Book in Translation.

In 2007 his historical novel DAS GELÜBDE (The Vow) was turned into a movie by celebrated German director Dominik Graf. SIEBEN SIEGEL is set to be filmed in 2008, other books are optioned.

Kai has also written screenplays, two of which have been made into TV movies. He is the author of a hardcover comic book, PANDORAMICUM, and is one of the creators of the fantasy role-playing game ENGEL (US edition by White Wolf).

Kai Meyer lives in Westphalia near the Rhine in Germany.

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