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Book Review (415): Wickedly Wonderful (Baba Yaga #2) - Deborah Blake

Wickedly Wonderful (Baba Yaga #2)

Publication: 2nd December 2014
Publisher: Berkley
Pages: 352
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Age Appropriate: Adult
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Known as the wicked witch of Russian fairy tales, Baba Yaga is not one woman, but rather a title carried by a chosen few. They keep the balance of nature and guard the borders of our world, but don’t make the mistake of crossing one of them…

Though she looks like a typical California surfer girl, Beka Yancy is in fact a powerful yet inexperienced witch who’s struggling with her duties as a Baba Yaga. Luckily she has her faithful dragon-turned-dog for moral support, especially when faced with her biggest job yet…

A mysterious toxin is driving the Selkie and Mer from their homes deep in the trenches of Monterey Bay. To investigate, Beka buys her way onto the boat of Marcus Dermott, a battle-scarred former U.S. Marine, and his ailing fisherman father.

While diving for clues, Beka drives Marcus crazy with her flaky New Age ideas and dazzling blue eyes. She thinks he’s rigid and cranky (and way too attractive). Meanwhile, a charming Selkie prince has plans that include Beka. Only by trusting her powers can Beka save the underwater races, pick the right man, and choose the path she’ll follow for the rest of her life…
My Thoughts.
Wickedly Wonderful is the second book in an Urban Fantasy series, based on the Russian folklore of Baba Yaga, a Witch who travels around in her magically disguised home, and their Chudo- Yudo's which are Dragons disguised in the form of a dog.

Beka and her two sister Baba Yaga's are in charge of the United States, Beka is approached by the King of the Selkies and the Queen of the Merpeople after they are forced from their underwater home when their people become extremely ill from unknown toxins, they ask for Beka's help in identifying the problem and it's cause and fixing it.

Aiding her is Marcus a former Marine and his Father who owns a fishing boat and agree to take Beka out diving old shipwrecks unknown to them what she's really doing.

From their very first meeting Beka and Marcus butt heads denying their attraction for one another, when she meets Kesh the Selkie Prince he seems to pursue Beka unbeknownst to her of his nefarious plans towards her, with her mind undecided about whether she wants to continue on being a Baba Yaga or not.

With a story full of action, adventure, magic and romance this a great instalment to this series.

An original concept that will keep you intrigued.

I give this 3/5 stars.

Author of seven non-fiction books from Llewellyn. Circle, Coven & Grove: A Year of Magickal Practice (2007), Everyday Witch A to Z (2008), The Goddess is in the Details (2009), Everyday Witch A to Z Spellbook (2010) Witchcraft on a Shoestring (2010), Everyday Witch Book of Rituals, and The Witch's Broom. I am also the author of the Baba Yaga series from Berkley Romance, including Wickedly Magical (novella), Wickedly Dangerous, and Wickedly Wonderful.

I live in a 120 year old farmhouse in upstate NY with five cats, and run an artists' cooperative shop when I'm not writing.

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