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Book Review (418): The Good Chase (Highland Games #2) - Hannah Martine

The Good Chase (Highland Games #2)

Publication: 2nd December 2014
Publisher: Berkley
Pages: 304
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Age Appropriate: Adult
The second in the Highland Games series, following Long Shot

Gleann, New Hampshire’s annual highland games always deliver the best of Scottish culture—rowdiness, rugby, whiskey, and unexpected romance…

Even though Shea Montgomery’s swanky bar and distinguished palate have made her a highly regarded whiskey connoisseur, she’s happiest bringing her favorite spirit to various highland games around New England. Her demanding ex made her wary of men obsessed with money and status, and she’s now more comfortable in the country than in the city. Still, when a gorgeous rugby player straight from Wall Street barrels into her whiskey tent, she’s tempted to change her mind…

J.P. Byrne went from poor beginnings to international high roller by using his charisma and wit, and holding fast to his dreams. A strong, independent woman like Shea is exactly what he’s looking for, only he has no idea how to prove he’s more than his three-piece suits—especially when he’s spent years doing just the opposite.

But as Shea and Byrne battle old demons, they discover together that the best remedy for past pain is a good, stiff shot of present pleasure…
My Thoughts.
The Good Chase is the second book in the Highland Games series, contemporary romances that incorporates the Scottish Highland Games played throughout the book and series as a whole.

Shea Montgomery is a renowned whiskey expert, with a famous bar Amber, she also runs whiskey taster tents at the Highland Games when she can, it's through these games she makes the acquaintance of Byrne who is persistent in asking her out, her answer is always no until one day she tells him yes and they start to date, but what's keeping Shea from getting any closer to Byrne is the fact that he's very rich, after suffering through a marriage with a wealthy man, she vowed to never get involved with someone like that again, but there's just something about Byrne that draws Shea to him, and maybe it's because he's so completely different to her ex-husband and may have judged him unfairly, with both Shea and Byrne carrying pasts that affect their lives to this day, can they both let go and finally move forward with their lives together?

I thoroughly enjoy this series, the characters are extremely likeable, the story lines are enjoyable and I love the inclusion of all the Scottish elements, I eagerly await the next book in the series.

Highly recommended.

I give this 4/5 stars.

hanna martineI have loved stories–particularly the romantic kind–since I was very young. I spent a decade working in an office, but I’ve since dedicated myself to writing. I’ve traveled to many wonderful places around the world, including the haunted Scottish castle in which I got married. Though I live outside Chicago with my family, my heart will always belong to Australia.
The books listed here on my Goodreads page are ones that have influenced my writing, that have spoken to me in some deep and wonderful way, and that I enthusiastically recommend.

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