Friday, 27 February 2015

(ARC) Book Review (444): Better Than Perfect - Melissa Kantor

Better Than Perfect

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Better Than Perfect is a contemporary novel about a girl Juliet Newman who has what she believes is the perfect life, when her Dad ups and leaves her Mom isn't coping well at all, and life as she knew it is changing in ways she never expected.

Juliet and her boyfriend Jason both have their futures mapped out including attending Harvard together, but Juliet is coming to realise that all that she's strived so hard to achieve may not be what she really wants after all, especially after meeting Declan and his siblings who have their own band which Juliet ends up helping out with by singing lead vocals, the attraction is pretty hard to ignore and they both have a lapse of judgement a couple of times, I'm not a fan of reading books with cheating, especially when it's the main character, so as much as I would have liked Juliet and Declan as a couple I couldn't get over how wrong it was.

Better Than Perfect was an alright book for me, I absolutely adored Maybe One Day last year so I was really excited to receive an ARC of this book, but I was left disappointed it was a book that I wasn't really in a rush to get through and I was a bit underwhelmed.

I still want to read whatever else Melissa releases as I do enjoy her writing.

I give this 3.5/5 stars.

 I was born in New York City in 1970. And even though teachers never care about this, I'll give you my sign--Capricorn.
When I was in seventh grade, I told people I was going to be a writer. Then in college I got interested in other things, and after I graduated I started teaching, which I love. But ideas for stories kept popping into my head. One was an image of two girls walking down Montague Street (that’s the main drag in Brooklyn Heights) during their lunch period. They were best friends, only one of the girls was cooler and prettier and more successful with boys than the other one. They were talking about a party they’d been invited to, trying to decide if they wanted to go or not. Finally I decided I had to know what happened to them. Those girls became Jan and Rebecca, and their story is Confessions of a Not It Girl.

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