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Book Review (478): Broken (Broken #1) - Annie Jocoby

Broken (Broken #1)

Publication: 6th January 2014
Publisher: Self Published
Pages: 258
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Age Appropriate: New Adult
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Nick O'Hara is a veritable womanizer. The only qualifications that he looks for in a romantic connection is that the person is hot and breathing. Mainly hot. He has no desire for an emotional connection with another person, and that's the way he lives his life. He has his fabulous wealth and his reputation as a premiere architect, and that's enough for him. 

Until Scotty James. 

Scotty is a graduate student at Columbia University in New York City. She's broken from traumatic experiences from her years in foster care and homelessness. She has a vulnerability that is intoxicating to Nick, because, deep down, he knows that he is as broken as she. 

When Nick pursues Scotty, it seems that she is the only woman who doesn't want to be with him. At first she's a challenge, but Nick soon finds himself falling in love for the first time in his life. With a woman who wants nothing to do with him. 

Can Scotty overcome her trust issues and fear to let Nick in? Or will she prove to be too broken to trust?
My Thoughts.
The synopsis of Broken is what initially drew me to this book, I love reading stories where the main male lead is a well reknowned manwhore who is drawn to one specific woman and that's it, no other female matters and he knows his days of sleeping around are gone, he's found 'the one' and now he just needs to convince her of that.

This is what happens to Nick, you know you're usual hot, rich, sex obsessed lead who finds a quiet, gorgeous woman in this case Scotty who's hiding a secret that has affected her relationships with men and for good reason, she's a student in his architectural class, he is the professor, Nick just can't seem to get Scotty out of his mind and so hires her as his intern at the highly successful architectural firm he works at, with a spiteful and vengeful co-worker he slept with making her time there hell, Scotty is determined to stick it out, desperate for the money the internship brings in.

So I was really enjoying the story and Nick's character until around the 74% mark that's when although he was in love with Scotty, (something tragic in her past was keeping her from being the kind of girlfriend he wanted which is understandable given what she went through), he sleeps with a woman he met through a friend and spends the weekend with her,when he starts back at work the next week and hears gossip that Scotty went out with a guy from work, just as friends, he immediately assumes the worst without even asking her and then proceeds to ignore her giving her the cold shoulder, even telling himself that the secret she entrusted enough to tell him was all made up and she's nothing but a liar, that's when I started disliking his character, talk about double standards, it was stupid and a real downer after loving the story and character up till then.

Unfortunately after that I just wasn't interested in Nick or anything he thought or had to say, there was nothing he could have done to endear me to him after that, Scotty deserved so much better than him, and with the male lead unlikeable in my eyes, I struggled to finish the book and while I did get there in the end and to the cliffhanger, I'm not sure if I want to carry on with the series, once I dislike a main character I find it hard to enjoy the story, unfortunately what started off so well for me ended on a sour note because of Nick's actions and thoughts.

My rating is based on the first 74% of the book I enjoyed.

I give this 3/5 stars.


Annie Jocoby is the author of 8 contemporary romance novels and 3 New Adult contemporary romance novels. Her motivation to begin writing these novels is that she was interested in writing about rich men who actually love and respect their women. Her heroes are alpha and damaged, yet also genuinely good guys.
Ryan, Nick, Luke and Asher are all complicated characters who have experienced plenty of darkness, yet always seek the light. They would all go to the ends of the earth to protect the women they love. And they’re all sexy, enigmatic, magnetic and great in bed. 
All of Annie’s books have things in common: they all combine a touch of mystery and intrigue with drama, love, and lots of hot sex. Some of the books have action and even some criminal elements in them. Her current book, in fact, is her first book that would be classified as straight romantic suspense, although it also combines definite elements of the thriller genre! If you’re in the market for a book that is fast-paced, where the heroes are beautiful and wealthy, and the heroines are strong, vulnerable and flawed, then try these books out!

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