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(ARC) Book Review (502): November 9 - Colleen Hoover

November 9

Publication: 10th November 2015
Publisher: Atria Books
Pages: 320
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Age Appropriate: New Adult
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Beloved #1 New York Times bestselling author Colleen Hoover returns with an unforgettable love story between a writer and his unexpected muse.

Fallon meets Ben, an aspiring novelist, the day before her scheduled cross-country move. Their untimely attraction leads them to spend Fallon’s last day in L.A. together, and her eventful life becomes the creative inspiration Ben has always sought for his novel. Over time and amidst the various relationships and tribulations of their own separate lives, they continue to meet on the same date every year. Until one day Fallon becomes unsure if Ben has been telling her the truth or fabricating a perfect reality for the sake of the ultimate plot twist.
My Thoughts.
I've read many of Colleen's books, I know enough by now to also believe that every book of hers should start with this disclaimer on the first page:


I think this is only fair, I try not to read Colleen's books in public for this very reason.

Like every story Coleen has ever written, November 9 has a twist, one that you'll never see coming, one that will shock you to realise that she's done it again, and you know that there will be more tears flowing, if the FOURTH NOVEMBER 9 section wasn't bad enough and hadn't already broken my heart, she had to cause even more grief, I have been an absolute mess reading this book, thanks Colleen!

I don't want to give anything away, the beauty of this book besides the relationship between Fallon and Ben is the incredible story and exceptional writing skills that keep me coming back time and time again to her books, they're like crack, addictive and will leave you wanting more!

November 9 would have to be up there with my favorite Colleen Hoover books, and it is for sure one of the best books of 2015, highly recommended, just be prepared for a bit of heartbreak and you should be fine!

I give this 5/5/ stars.

Colleen Hoover is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of seven novels and one novella. Hoover's novels fall into the New Adult and Young Adult categories. Hoover published her first novel, Slammed, in January 2012.Wikipedia

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Blog Tour: (ARC) Book Review (501) & Giveaway: Until We Meet Again - Renee Collins

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Until We Meet Again

Release Date: November 3, 2015
Pages: 336
Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire
Formats: Hardcover, eBook
Find It: Goodreads | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iBooks
They exist in two different centuries, but their love defies time

Cassandra craves drama and adventure, so the last thing she wants is to spend her summer marooned with her mother and stepfather in a snooty Massachusetts shore town. But when a dreamy stranger shows up on their private beach claiming it's his own—and that the year is 1925—she is swept into a mystery a hundred years in the making.

As she searches for answers in the present, Cassandra discovers a truth that puts their growing love—and Lawrence's life—into jeopardy. Desperate to save him, Cassandra must find a way to change history…or risk losing Lawrence forever.
My Thoughts.
Wow, was my first thought after finishing this book, through the tears and the heartbreaking ending which I'd hoped wasn't going to happen but in hindsight was inevitable, I came to realise just how beautiful and intense Until We Meet Again is, filled with mystery and intrigue this is one book that will stick with me for quite some time to come.

I'm a sucker for stories that feature characters out of time, through some unexplainable occurence the past and the present collide, in this case Lawrence from 1925 and Cassandra from 2015, both living in the same house at the same time decades apart, until they find each other on the private beach connected to the house, it's there that they fall in love, despite the fact that in the back of their minds they know they'll have to say goodbye at some point, knowing they'll never see one another ever again.

I don't want too say much so I don't spoil the story, because there is another plotline to do with these two that isn't mentioned in the synopsis which is better for the reader to find out themselves, it adds a bit extra to the story that will have you biting your nails anxiously awaiting the outcome.

All in all there is nothing bad that I can say about this book, I thoroughly enjoyed it, from the gorgeous cover to the very well written story there is a lot to love, I enjoyed the characters immensely, the plot was fast paced and extremely enjoyable, aside from the ending which I can understand was written the way it was but none the less had me crying this book was perfect.

One of my favorite books of the year, definitely add Until We Meet Again to your TBR, you won't be sorry.

I give this 5/5 stars.

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