Friday, 15 July 2016

The Return From My Unplanned Hiatus From Blogging.

So those of you who may check out my blog have probably noticed that I haven't posted anything on here since November 2015, I wish I could give some really good reason why but the truth is I was burnt out.
And while I love reviewing books and the excitement of receiving new books to review from publishers I realised that in the entire 5 years since starting this blog I wasn't getting to read books that I'd purchased myself, some of these being from my favorite series/authors they all got pushed to the back burner while I kept up with release date deadlines, forcing myself to try to cram in as many books as possible.
My TBR pile is so big that I'll never get around to reading them in this lifetime, and so to cut down the piles I stopped reading/reviewing books I was sent and before I knew it, it's halfway through 2016 and not one post has been written, and while I've caught up and/or finished quite a few series, I still feel overwhelmed everytime I look at all the books I have to read, so I'm going to start posting reviews again and somehow work out a balance between reading review books and books I've brought.
And so while I'm going to try to be vigilant enough to post reviews quite regularly it will be a work in progress, I get up for work at 4 in the morning so by the time I get home I tend to sit down and fall asleep, and truth be told the last thing I feel like doing is sitting down and writing an interesting and informative book review which I feel I've never been very great at anyway.
But bare with me. I hope to get some reviews up soon, since my time away the review books sent from publishers have diminished drastically, which I know is my own fault, but I hope to remedy that eventually.
So stay tuned, I hope to be posting something very soon.
Thanks to all the followers that have stuck around, I really appreciate it.

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