Friday, 23 December 2011

Book Review (38).

Switched (Trylle Trilogy #1)

This book was amazing and now I'm hanging out desperately to read the next two in the series.
Wendy was at her sixth birthday party when her mother tried to kill her telling her that she wasn't her daughter and somebody switched her at birth, eleven years later and Wendy is at another new school after being thrown out of quite a few and her brother and Aunt having to move constantly to enrol her at new schools.
A week ago a new boy Finn started at her school and he constantly stares at Wendy, initially creeped out she goes to the school dance and Finn shows up it's there he realises that Wendy has a power she can influence people using her mind to get them to do what she wants.
Later that night she finds him outside her bedroom window and it's then he tells her she's a changeling part of the Trylle who are trolls and he needs to take her back to Forening her birthplace because of her increasing powers, it's there she finds out that she's the princess of her people and she's expected to begin to learn how to one day rule.
She finds herself falling for Finn but they can't be together because she's royalty and he's not and her mother the Queen forbids it.
Wendy also has to deal with bad trolls known as Vittra who want her for their own
I cannot say enough good things about this book and I strongly suggest everyone check it out.
I give this 5/5
A big thanks to Jane @ Pan Macmillan Australia

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