Thursday, 9 February 2012

10 Book Covers With.....

Gorgeous Dresses.

O.k so I thought I'd try something new, I was inspired by the Listopia lists on Goodreads and thought I might take this idea and do them on my blog, I don't know how often I'll do them, or if they'll be at all interesting to anyone.
These are in no particular order.

From doing this list I realised I like poofy dresses that have long trains, I think I'm living in the wrong era!


  1. Definitely all wonderful covers and I do love big poofy dresses. That was how I was so attracted to the Luxe books C: Thanks for sharing!

  2. I am too, because I have longed for each of those dresses from the minute I saw them!

  3. I love covers with gorgeous dresses on them! I want them all! These dresses are definitely why most of them are on my TBR :P

  4. Beautiful Covers. the dresses are amazing. I feel sometimes that i would love to live during the 1920s.