Monday, 21 May 2012

(Arc) Book Review (87).

Team Human

After professing their love to each other Cathy and Francis after only being together not even a month decide that they want to be together forever and so Francis asks Cathy to change into a vampire and she agrees.
The problem is there is a 10% chance that Cathy could become a zombie, yes in an original idea in a vampire book,  in turning a human if it doesn't work you die or turn into a zombie who then gets destroyed.
So Mel teams up with Kit who has some classic lines in never having associated with humans before he knows only what he's seen on t.v and his reactions to things had me laughing out loud, to change Cathy's mind.
We also have a subplot in which her friend Anna is worried about her mum who is the school principal acting suspicious so Mel investigates sometimes with Kit tagging along.
I loved Mel as a character she was a tough tell it to you straight kind of person who would do anything for her friends and I can't wait to continue on with her other adventures in the next book being released next year.
I highly recommend you pick up this book  it puts a spin on your classic vampire stories and it's full of action and humour and may even get you thinking that if you had the chance to become a vampire would you take it?
I give this 4/5.
A Big Thanks To Allen & Unwin Australia.


  1. sounds awesome
    i loved drink slay love an fun spin on the vampire myths

    gr8 review

  2. This cover is so eye cathching and i want to read this so badly!

    Great review! =D