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Blog Tour And Giveaway: Dead Radiance (Valkyrie #1) - T.G Ayer, Book Review (152).

Dead Radiance (Valkyrie #1)


My Thoughts...
Being a huge fan of the paranormal genre, I always love it when I come across something different that's not your typical, everyday written about paranormal beings and I definitely found it in this book about Valkyries.
I had seen this book around on Goodreads and had added it to my wishlist, so when I saw there was a blog tour coming up I was extremely happy, and so here we are and I'm glad to say that I absolutely loved it.
Adding to that the Norse mythology which I wasn't all that familiar with and you end up with a fantastic story and extremely likable characters.
Bryn was an extremely likable heroine, who after the death of her father is shipped around to different foster homes until she ends up with a permanent home, and it's there that a new foster kid Aidan arrives, but Bryn isn't exactly a fan at first, they definitely have a love/hate relationship, which blossoms into something more before he disappears, but not before letting him in on her secret, you see Bryn knows when someone is going to die, she see's a golden aura around a person, which is a sign of that person's eminent death.
But when she finds a book that Aidan has left behind, she discovers that she might not be quite human, and this is when the story really starts to pick up and the Norse mythology starts to come into play.
I loved reading all about the Valkyries and how they are tied into Norse mythology, it was so interesting and I'll definitely be looking out for books with that factor in for sure.
This had a fantastic plot, it was never boring and the writing flowed so well, I definitely cannot wait to start on the next book, especially after the ending we were left with.
I highly recommend this book, for anyone who loves the paranormal genre or if you're looking for something original in the paranormal world then pick this book up!
I give this 4/5.

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