Sunday, 7 October 2012

Book Review (149): Spark - Brigid Kemmerer

Spark (Elemental #2)

The fuse is lit…
My Thoughts...
Can Brigid Kemmerer do no wrong?
After reading this latest instalment in the Elemental series I'm seriously thinking she can't, anyone who can imagine and bring to life the Merrick brothers deserves a medal and people worshipping at her feet!
After having read all the books including the novellas I'm no closer to figuring out which brother I like more, maybe I can just have them all?
What I loved about this book is the fact that we get to see what's behind the snark, sarcasm and anger and I love that, and I love Gabriel even more now to know what's going on in his head.
Gabriel is having a tough time, he still blames himself for the injury that Nick received in the previous book, he can't control his Element of fire, and it seems Nick is spending more time with his new girlfriend instead of him.
What makes it worse is his new maths teacher has figured out that whenever there's a test Gabriel has Nick take his place, she gives him an ultimatum if he can't improve and pass a re-test then he is off the basketball team, and while he's studying he's not allowed to play at all either.
Enter Layne, she's the brain in the maths class and has liked Gabriel for quite a while, she offers to help him with his maths and he slowly sees her as more than a nerd and even comes to befriend her deaf brother who is a victim of constant bullying.
But through all this there is an arsonist setting fires to houses nearly every night, all his brothers think that Gabriel is responsible but he's not, however he shows up at the fires and rescues the people left inside that the firemen can't get out.
I love how Hunter was helping him with this, but after the revelation towards the end I'm a little shattered, they made a good team and seemed great friends.
There's nothing I can really say that can give this series or this author the credit she deservedly owes, I hope she'll be writing for a very long time, and I pray that there will be books for both Michael and Nick, and that we won't be left with just the novellas for their characters as good as they are.
I give this an outstanding 5/5.

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  1. We share the same sentiments about Brigid Kemmerer - how amazing of an author is she!? I absolutely loved Spark as well! As of now, Gabriel is my favorite of the brothers, but I'm pretty sure that's subject to change... You're right - can I just have them all? ;)

    I just reviewed Spark on my blog yesterday - you can check it out here. :)