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Blog Tour And Giveaway: Reckoning (Dark Prophecy #1) - Molly M. Hall, Book Review (168).

Reckoning (Dark Prophecy #1)

Publication: 2nd October 2012
Publisher: CreateSpace Independant Publishing
Pages: 276
Genre: Paranormal
Age Appropriate: Young Adult
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"They say the truth can set you free. I found out it can kill you."

Seventeen-year-old Kat Matheson has never revealed the dark secret that sets her apart from everyone else: She can see and hear the dead. Until now, she has been able to ignore the strange apparitions and whispering voices. But it may not be that simple anymore. Haunted by eerie visions and increasingly frightening nightmares, Kat begins to fear she may be the target of a dark and ominous force from beyond the grave. Complicating matters is the arrival of her new neighbor, a young man she instinctively distrusts but is inexplicably drawn to. Gorgeous and mysterious, he seems to hold a disturbing knowledge of her long-held secrets.

As she desperately tries to maintain control, events take an unexpected and violent turn. Discovering that nothing is what it seems and that her psychic abilities may involve far more than just communing with the dead, Kat may be forced to confront her worst fears and the powerful curse that controls her destiny.
My Thoughts...
I really loved this book, it's that good that I finished it in a day, the writing flows and the story moves along quickly and has you eager to discover what the next page holds.

Kat has seen spirits all her life, but has learned to mostly keep the fact to herself after her parents sent her to a pychiatrist when she was younger after she used to talk about seeing them.

Kat spends a lot of her time with her best-friend Rachel while pining away for the school hottie Rick, when he finally asks her out to say she's over the moon is an understatement, when the house next door that's been empty for quite a while is suddenly occupied by Lovell a boy around her age, her Mum seems intent on setting them up, but there's something strange about Lovell and there seems to be something he's hiding.

But suddenly Kat seems to be seeing more spirits than usual, a girl dancing on the field at school, who may or may not be a good spirit and there seems to be a malovent presence following her around, and they're out to get her.

A great book and I'll be eagerly anticipating further books in this series,

I give this 4/5.
Guest Post...

A Day In My Writing Life

My day starts quite early, usually between 4 and 5 am. I make a cup of tea (black or green), and spend the next 45 minutes to 1 hour reading. I really can't do anything until I've read at least one chapter. Then I respond to e-mails before a shower and breakfast, followed by sitting down to the business of writing. I'll write until about 12, then break for lunch. This is also when I do some posting on Facebook, Twitter or my website. I'll try to put in another hour or two of writing in the afternoon. I generally stop writing about 3 pm. By that time, my brain cells have usually dried up! I try to get in a good workout around 3:30 - yoga, Physique 57, or some form of cardio - then I unwind with a glass of red wine while I catch up on the boring daily household tasks and prepare dinner. By 8 pm, I'm usually in bed, working on my French homework and blocking out the scene for the next day's writing. And somewhere between 4 am and 8 pm I try to squeeze in 30 minutes of piano practice. It's a full day and I can guarantee you that something will always be left undone! Like that load of laundry to fold. Or those weeds that need to be pulled in the garden. Or that paperwork that needs to be filed. Or the dishwasher that needs to be emptied. Or those verbs to be conjugated. Or that re-write on page 12…..I seriously needs Hermione Granger's time turner.


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About this author

Molly M Hall is the author of Reckoning, the first novel in the Dark Prophecy series. She has spent most of her life in Colorado and currently lives just outside of Denver.

She pursued a degree in English Literature at Columbia College, and worked in the corporate world for several years before turning to writing full time.

When not reading or writing, she can be found shopping for awesome boots, listening to music, practicing yoga, working on her very inadequate French, playing piano, or looking for inspiring landscapes to photograph. More at:

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