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(ARC) Book Review (332): Frisky Business - Tawna Fenske

Frisky Business

Publication: 6th May 2014
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Pages: 352
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Age Appropriate: Adult
Marley Cartman is fed up with arrogant rich guys who treat her like garbage, so she vows to only date men with modest paychecks and a little dirt under their nails. 

Her new boss, William Barclay, is exactly the kind of man she's trying to avoid: an eccentric millionaire with duct shape shoes and an unexplained vendetta against her. 

But as Will and Marley butt heads over grumpy badgers and phallic artifacts, they discover that sometimes the opposite of what you want is exactly what you need.
My Thoughts.
Frisky Business is a hilarious romp of a contemporary romance, laugh out loud funny with a cast of characters that will leave you grinning and eager to read more.

I don't very often get to read romance books that have an element of comedy scattered throughout, the combination of that and the burgeoning relationship between our leads Marley and Will is what makes this book stand out.

From the first time these two meet I knew I was in for an enjoyable reading experience, the sexual innuendo's that were thrown into nearly every conversation were gold, to be able to do this tastefully takes some talent and Tawna has definitely managed to do this here.

Marley has a new plan for dating, only date those with a modest income more blue collar than the men she's dated or prime example her ex-fiancee, so of course when she meets Will scruffily dressed wearing slippers that are held together by duct tape volunteering at an animal shelter she's instantly attracted, of course it doesn't help that he's extremely attractive either, so after a bit of flirting and Marley adopting a dog they go their separate ways, Will soon discovers she forgot some paperwork and her dog's free kibble and offers to deliver them to her house, and it's not long till these two are making out.

So it comes as a bit of a surprise that on the first day of her new job as a Development Director at the Wildlife Sanctuary/Historical Society that she's in a meeting with the board of directors and the head of the board is none other than Will, or to be more precise William Barclay The Fifth, millionaire!
And to discover that there is no fraternising allowed between board members or directors, between that rule, the fact that Will is not as blue collar as Marley was led to believe although he acts and dresses as one, then that he has severe trust issues and if that wasn't enough some artifacts that Marley was waiting to have appraised go missing and she gets blamed for it, in amongst all that can they somehow find a way to make a relationship work?

I adored this story, Tawna is a terrific author and I'll be sure to check out her other books, one of my favorites of the year.

Everybody needs to pick this one up!

I give this 5/5 stars.

When I was six, my mom caught me thumbing through The Joy of Sex while watching Saturday morning cartoons.
When I was ten, I got summoned to the principal’s office for making anatomically-correct clay models of Huck Finn and Jim during a unit on Mark Twain.
When I was 22, I celebrated my English Lit degree by filling a giant black trash bag full of romance novels and dragging it everywhere until I’d read them all.
When I was 32, my cat died, my publisher canceled the line scheduled to release my debut novel, and my employer threatened to fire me for refusing to wear pantyhose—all on my birthday—and I sat down on my back deck with a glass of wine, smiled at the sunset, and thought, “if I can find the humor in this, I can find it in damn near anything.”
In a nutshell, that’s how I became an author of quirky romantic comedy.
I traveled a career path that meandered from newspaper reporter to English teacher in Venezuela to medical marketing geek to PR manager for my city’s tourism bureau.
I have a degree in English Lit, a membership in Romance Writers of America, and a habit of spilling food on my boobs. When I’m not writing, I’m usually busy sipping wine, reading, experimenting in my kitchen (either on gourmet meals or as research for one of my risqué scenes), hiking, snowshoeing, standup paddleboarding, or contorting myself into odd positions (either for yoga or for the aforementioned research).
An avid globetrotter and social media fiend, I blog at Don’t Pet Me, I’m Writing, routinely overshare on Facebook, and can be found making tasteless jokes in 140 characters or less on Twitter.
My debut romantic comedy with Sourcebooks, Making Waves, was nominated for Best Contemporary Romance in the 2011 RT Book Reviewers’ Choice Awards, and the Chicago Tribune noted, “Fenske’s wildly inventive plot and wonderfully quirky characters provide the perfect literary antidote to any romance reader’s summer reading doldrums.”
My second romantic comedy, Believe it or Not, prompted Library Journal to write, “Fenske’s sophomore effort…is another riotous trip down funny bone lane, with a detour to slightly askew goings on and a quick u-ey to out-of-this-world romance. Readers will be enchanted by this bewitching fable from a wickedly wise author.” Naturally, that prompted me to hug the reviewer until she peed.
In addition to my romantic comedies, I write novellas and novels for Entangled Publishing, as well as a series of interactive romantic capers for Coliloquy (think choose-your-own-adventure meets romantic comedy).
I currently live in Bend, Oregon with my fiancé, his offspring, and more pets than I can admit to without frightening my neighbors.
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