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Book Review (462):The Wrong Billionaire's Bed (Billionaire Boys Club #3) - Jessica Clare

The Wrong Billionaire's Bed (Billionaire Boys Club #3)

Publication: 7th April 2015
Publisher: Berkley
Pages: 304
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Age Appropriate: Adult
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The Billionaire Boys Club: Six men of astonishing wealth.
But there’s one thing money can’t buy…

Successful, dependable, and trustworthy—that’s Audrey Petty. She’d be the perfect girlfriend for her childhood crush, billionaire Cade Archer…except that she’s pretty sure she’s not even on his radar. When Audrey thinks she’ll be spending the next month with Cade at his remote cabin retreat, it’s a dream come true…

Until she meets her worst nightmare. Billionaire playboy Reese Durham is used to seducing women to get what he wants. Obviously Audrey’s in love with his buddy, Cade…and after his getaway is ruined by Audrey’s sudden intrusion, Reese isn’t opposed to blackmail.

Audrey may think she knows what she wants, but Reese is determined to show her what she needs. And as Reese discovers the volatile minx behind the buttoned-up exterior, he starts to think maybe she’s just what he needs, too.
My Thoughts.
I'm really enjoying the Billionaire Boys Club series, Jessica Clare is definitely an author who's books are becoming an auto-buy, steamy hot romances that will have your eyes glued to the pages as you fly through the book, unable or unwilling to put it down.

I loved the chemistry between straightlaced prim and proper Audrey and sexy playboy Reese, when Audrey arranges with childhood friend Cade to use his cabin to help her world famous singing sensation and drug addict twin sister Daphne detox, she never would have guessed that as well as helping her sister with the assistance of  Cade that she would come to realise that her longtime crush on him is nothing compared to the feelings that billionaire Reese brings out in her, sure her first impressions aren't great, when she first meets him he's making out with a woman in a hot tub at the cabin, but he is the only one capable of bringing out her fiery side which she keeps hidden.

What starts off as a lot of dares between the two which include kissing and skinny-dipping, they'll soon both come to realise that they're more suited to one another than they'll ever admit, it soon becomes awkward with Audrey's old crush Cade and new one Reese cohabiting in the same place, but fate has it's way of working things out, and with these two and their stubborness to admit their feelings they'll need it.

The interaction between this couple was not only steamy but very funny as well. I was entertained the whole way through, the storyline flowed effortlessly and ended way to soon, I enjoyed reading Audrey and Reese's story I just wanted more pages to spend more time with this couple that I really love.

Another great release from Jessica, now for the next one!

I give this 5/5 stars.

jessica clare bio
This is a pen name for Jill Myles.
Jill Myles has been an incurable romantic since childhood. She reads all the 'naughty parts' of books first, looks for a dirty joke in just about everything, and thinks to this day that the Little House on the Prairie books should have been steamier.
After devouring hundreds of paperback romances, mythology books, and archaeological tomes, she decided to write a few books of her own - stories with a wild adventure, sharp banter, and lots of super-sexy situations. She prefers her heroes alpha and half-dressed, her heroines witty, and she loves nothing more than watching them overcome adversity to fall into bed together.
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  1. Another series that I will be adding to my list of must reads. This book looks really good and I went back and looked at the other two books they all seem like a fun read.