Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Book Review (276): Wildest Dreams - Toni Blake

Wildest Dreams

Publication: 26th November 2013
Publisher: Avon
Pages: 400
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Age Appropriate: Adult
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From the seductive rhythms of Bourbon Street to the sultry climes of the bayou, a woman's search for the truth leads her into danger and passion beyond her wildest dreams . . .
Advertising executive Stephanie Grant knows how to sell an idea, but she's never had to sell herself before. Walking into The Big Easy's most exclusive bordello, however, she's ready to do just that. What Stephanie doesn't expect is to encounter a man who sees right through her disguise, laying bare not only what she wants, but what she needs.
The lithe blonde who glides up to Jake Broussard's bar could have any man she chooses, but that isn't her endgame. The ex-cop quickly catches on to Stephanie's real plan, and it won't be long before Chez Sophia's rich and powerful clientele do the same. Stephanie's playing with fire. Good thing this hometown boy likes it hot.
My Thoughts.

Wowza! Wildest Dreams by Toni Blake is a red-hot read with a couple that has sizzling chemistry and who will steam up the pages.

Stephanie has come to New Orleans to hunt for her sister Tina, after discovering that Tina has started working as a prostitute and hasn't contacted her for some time she becomes worried and so goes undercover herself as a prostitute at Chez Sophia's where she meets the barman, ex-cop Jake who can tell straight away that she's putting on an act and calls her on it.

Worrying that she may unintentionally get herself hurt Jake agrees to help search for Tina and use some of his old police contacts, after a past tragedy Jake has cut himself off mostly from everyone, but Stephanie seems to be wriggling herself into his life more and more, and as much as he tries to fight it, the chemistry is too strong and they soon find themselves giving in to temptation.

But when Jake starts feeling guilty about being this happy will he put an end to this love affair, can Stephanie find her sister before anything terrible befalls her, and finally will these two finally admit their feelings for one another and give love a chance together?

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, Toni Blake is a new author to me and I will definitely be on the look-out for her previous books, the characters were intriguing and never dull, the location was perfect and I loved the storyline.

I give this 4/5 Stars.

About Toni

Toni Blake is the USA Today bestselling author of over twenty novels published in numerous languages. Her heartfelt and sensual stories are known for taking readers on an emotional journey.
A RITA®-nominated author, Toni is the recipient of numerous awards for her books, including the National Readers Choice Award and the Booksellers Best Award. Her work has also appeared in Cosmo.
Toni's most recent and hugely popular Destiny series takes place in a small Ohio town where coming home means finding your true heart and maybe even your true love.

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