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(ARC) Book Review (325): The Idea Of Him - Holly Peterson

The Idea of Him: A Novel

The Idea Of Him deals with a woman's marriage and how what she believed was to be a strong and monogamous relationship, was in fact a lie that her husband had her believing.

I understand the reasoning of our heroine marrying her husband Wade a magazine editor who is ten years her senior, reminding her of her beloved deceased Father in so many ways, she was in love with the idea of who he was, not him personally, and it's throughout this book that she finally comes to this realisation, instead of marrying her best-friend James who is her soul-mate and her biggest regret, she certainly made the wrong decision in tying herself to her selfish husband and as this story goes along, we are there as Mary comes to this conclusion.

After previously cheating on her after the birth of their last child, Mary believed Wade when he told her it was out of his system, until one night at a work party at home he disappears into the laundry room with a beautiful woman named Jackie, after discovering that they had slept together previously, the mysterious Jackie talks Mary into helping her investigate a financial scam which Wade, her boss Murray and Max a criminal who has just been released from prison for fraud are taking part in.

Of course we also witness the crumble and fall of Mary and Wade's marriage, as his long list of infidelity comes to light, as well as his gambling and inability to think or anybody but himself.

While this was an interesting look inside a marriage that was pretty much doomed from the get go, it didn't hold my attention as much as I'd hoped it would, the premise was intriguing but I found myself disliking a vast amount of the characters in this book, and I just didn't care what happened to them one way or another.

I did enjoy the little revelation at the end though, I thought that was a nice touch, just not enough to raise my rating that little bit higher, recommended for fans of contemporary women's fiction, if marriage's in turmoil are your thing then check this out.

I give this 3/5 stars.


Holly Peterson is the author of The Idea of Him and the New York Times bestseller The Manny. She was a Contributing Editor for Newsweek, an Editor-at-Large for Talk magazine and an Emmy Award–winning Producer for ABC News, where she spent more than a decade covering global politics. Her writing has been published in the New York Times,  Newsweek,Talk, The Daily Beast, VogueHarper’s Bazaar, and numerous other publications.
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