Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Book Review (46).

Lothaire (Immortals After Dark #12)

This series is definately one of my favourites and this new book in the series didn't disappoint.
I always wondered how Lothaire would be turned into a leading man and whether he could redeem himself to be a likable character.
We've known from the previous book that Lothaire had been blooded and had found his Bride (vampires are dead inside and their hearts only start beating once they come into contact with their  mates), what we didn't know was that his BrideElizabeth is a  human who's body is possessed by Soraya the Goddess of death who takes over her body at intervals and kills people.
After killing one night the police arrive at her families trailer (she lives in the mountains of Appalachia) and Elizabeth figures if she confronts the police while holding a gun they'll kill her and she'll be rid of Soraya forever, but as she's about to appear to the police Lothaire comes by and stops her because he believes that Soraya is his Bride not Elizabeth as he believes humans are below him, so she is sent to death row and after five years she is about to be executed but it's stopped by Lothaire who is enraged that Elizabeth would once again be trying to kill herself to get rid of Soraya.
The rest of the book has Lothaire trying to locate the ring he stole from La Dorada so he can remove Elizabeth's soul and Soraya can permanantly take over, but Soraya prefers Elizabeth stays in charge of her own body until the ring is found.
I loved the interactions between Lothaire and Elizabeth, her hillbilly talk is hilarious and the way she matches wits with Lothaire makes it one of my favourite books in the series.
We get some scenes with the valkyries at Val Hall, Thad and one of my favourite characters Nix who I'm hoping is going to be the lead in the next book.
A definite must read about the series bad boy.
I give this 5/5.
A big thanks to Caroline @ Simon And Schuster Australia.

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