Friday, 13 January 2012

Book Review (45).

Spirit Bound (Sisters of the Heart #2)

My Thoughts.
Christine Feehan is one of my top ten favourite authors of all-time and it's always exciting for me when a new book is released, having read every book she's ever written I know to expect a great book, and this one didn't disappoint.
This series is a spin-off of one of the author's previous series about the seven Drake sisters, Jonas a husband of one of the sisters makes an appearance doing his job as the local Sheriff.
Stefan Prakenskii is undercover in jail with a criminal Jean-Claude La Roux hoping to find information on a microchip that Jean-Claude has that he needs to retrieve to give back to Russia, Jean-Claude has the wall on his side of the cell covered in photos of a woman who Stefan is drawn too and later learns is an ex-girlfriend named Judith.
After getting out of prison he makes his way to Sea Haven in hopes that Jean-Claude passed the microchip off to her and she's hiding it, and to find his brother Lev who has an assassin named Ivanov after him, but unknown to Stefan Judith doesn't have the microchip and is in hiding from Jean-Claude after he ordered the torture and murder of her brother after he wouldn't give up information on where she was.
As soon as they meet Stefan undercover as Thomas Vincent a rich businessman who is interested in buying the local art gallery and Judith are instantly attracted to one another and it is while they are locking up the gallery that Stefan senses Ivanov close.
I did love Stefan and Judith as a couple and that her spirit element was complimented by Stefan's, and I also liked it when Stefan and Lev met up again for the first time since they were children,my only complaint is that they keep mentioning Ilya (their seventh and youngest brother who is married to another of the Drake sisters) but it's the second book and he still hasn't made an appearance although he's been mentioned quite a few times in both books and he's my favourite Prakenskii brother so far.
I also have a feeling that Blythe (a woman who lives on a farm with Judith and five other women) has married a Prakenskii brother after reading the second last page.
Can't wait to see who the next brother is.
I give this 4/5.


  1. Maybe Ilya will finally make an appearance on the next book, which was why he getting mentioned here and in the last book. :D

  2. I have never heard of this series, but now I want to check them out! Great review! :)