Saturday, 14 January 2012

My Facebook Games Obsession.

So lately I haven't really done much on my blog or read much at all **gasps** now normally I'd have a book read in a day or two the book I read before my current one took me 6 days **no that's not a typo** 6 days that is extremely bad for me.
And the reason why? well I blame Facebook mainly the games Cityville and Castleville I think I'm obsessed and need help, now I get up for work at 5.00am and normally I read while drinking my coffee, but have I been doing that? hell no I'm on Facebook playing games I think I need an intervention (where's the How I Met Your Mother gang when you need them?).
So I am still here I haven't deserted my blog, now that I've explained why I haven't been doing much on my blog I'll be going (now what's happening over on Cityville?).


  1. Aw I think a lot of people are having issues with games on FB lol


  2. lol Don't worry Sarah, I'm trying to balance fb games and trying to read, as well as book blog. but sadly I'm guilty of spending more time playing "Castleville" and "Happy Pets" then reading or doing my daily blog routine. But at least for today I can say I did something blog wise. I'm following a fellow aussie book blogger (that's you btw).
    Natasha @ Paranormal Goddess Book Blog