Saturday, 21 July 2012

Book Review (113): Lord Of Fire And Ice - Connie Mason & Mia Marlowe

Lord of Fire and Ice

I love to read historical romance's, especially when we have a feisty heroine and a sexy, manly hero.
 "So That's The Great And Mighty Brandr", A grumbling voice said from somewhere above him.
And that's how we first meet Brandr the Far-Traveled, unconscious,tied up, naked and fitted with an iron thrall's collar around his neck.
He is delivered to Katla The Black as a slave to do her bidding, at first hesitant it isn't until she discovers who he is and that his father Ulf was responsible for the death of her first husband she agrees, her brothers who were responsible for the drugging and kidnapping of Brandr tell her she has to find a husband, they will present her with three men whom she will choose to wed.
But what happens when Katla and Brandr develop feelings for each other?
I love the fact that the hero is a Viking and even more that he ended up being a Fire Mage as well, I love the added bonus of a bit of paranormal into the story.
The ancient customs of the Vikings were very interesting and added a lot of realism to the story, I especially loved the wedding ceremony, the traditions of it, it was so sweet.
Of course this book is not without some action, and we have the hero and heroine fighting to save Katla's home from people wanting to take it over and all the other homesteads around it.
There's ship battles, sword fights and action aplenty which gives an exciting aspect and will keep you entertained all the way throughout.
The collaboration between Mason and Marlowe worked extremely well and I hope to read further work from these two in the future.
I give this 4/5.

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