Tuesday, 6 March 2012

10 Book Covers With.....

Red Hair.


  1. The funny thing is that there are still hundreds out there :)
    These are all gorgeous by the way, will definitely be checking some(or all) of them out


  2. There sure do seem to be a lot of recent ones, don't there? I never noticed the over-abundance of redheads flooding the shelves lately.

  3. The only cover I don't really like is 'One grave at a time'. The rest is very pretty!

    & New follower ^^

  4. I am a sucker for some red hair! Which I find is pretty common. People seem to like red because it's different. I suppose it makes a girl/women stand out. Usually means she has some fire or spark, although I think all women do.

    I actually had my hair red for years, annoying up-keep. (Anyone that's tried red will know what I mean!)

    I like all of these but Fury and City of Lost Souls. I'm not a fan of the 'wild' and everywhere hair covers.

  5. Like your take on the TTT :-)

  6. ...This list makes me upset that I'm a brunette, lol. I think my favorite is Entangled. My hair was actually that color, or close to it, at one point. The wonder of hair dye, lol. And I agree with Eli above, the upkeep for it was ridiculous.

    Awesome list!

    I'm a new follower, hope to keep in touch (:

  7. AAAAAAH! Amazing list! I'm OBSESSED with girls with red hair on covers. For serious. I think it should be a rule: all books must had red heads on the covers :D

  8. Oh Firelight and Cat&Bones. Two great series.