Tuesday, 3 December 2013

(ARC) Book Review (279): Pregnant By Morning - Kat Cantrell

Pregnant by Morning

My Thoughts.
Pregnant By Morning was a very good, quick and easy read that took no time at all to get through.

Set in Venice, one night at a masquerade party two broken souls meet, Matt devastated by the loss of his wife eighteen months ago and pop singer Eva who's career as a singer was destroyed after a botched operation destroyed her vocal chords, leaving her to never be able to sing ever again.

The attraction in instant, the chemistry is hot and what is meant to be a one night stand ends up being a whole lot longer as Eva moves her stuff in.

But these two are both carrying emotional baggage, and have both run and hidden away from their problems. Over their time together they both help each other to overcome their problems, but when Eva discovers that she is pregnant, that's when the relationship starts to fall apart.

Can these two stubborn people put aside their differences and finally admit their feelings for each other?

A great romance that I very much enjoyed.

I give this 3/5 stars.

Kat read her first Harlequin novel in third grade and has been scribbling in notebooks since she learned to spell. What else would she write but romance? She majored in Literature, officially with the intent to teach, but somehow ended up buried in middle management at Corporate America, Inc.

Kat became a stay-at-home mom and devoted nap time to writing. After many thousands of words, her dream of publication finally came true. When she's not writing about characters on the journey to happily ever after, she can be found at a soccer game, watching Friends or dancing with her kids to Duran Duran and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Kat, her husband and their two boys live in North Texas. She's a proud member of Romance Writers of America®. Kat was the 2011 Harlequin So You Think You Can Write winner and a 2012 RWA® Golden Heart® finalist for best unpublished series contemporary manuscript.

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