Thursday, 19 April 2012

Feature And Follow Friday (24).

Q: Fight! Fight! If you could have two fictional characters battle it out (preferably from books), who would they be and who do you think would win?

O.k not to show my obsessiveness with Twilight but I would pick Edward Cullen and Jacob Black I'd just be interested to see who would win.


  1. Great choice!! I would also be interested to see who would win :D

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  2. Hopping through. Yay Twilight! I'd go for Jacob in a heartbeat. He's stronger, older, and a mind reader.
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  3. Jacob would totally win!

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  4. Ahh Another Twilight fan! Great choice! It's hard to guess who would win!

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  5. haha great choices! Check out my answer to this weeks question at I'm a new follower by the way.

  6. Team Edward all the way! lol Happy Friday :)

  7. I almost choose Edward vs Jacob also. It would be an interesting fight.
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  8. Probably Edward.. i mean , i think since he's a vampire, he's faster, stronger than Jake, but i'm not sure.. it sure would be an interesting fight ^^

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  9. Nice! Seeing lots of Twilight answers!

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  10. I'd want Jacob to win, but it's tough to say who really would win. Happy Friday!

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  11. Nice choice.

  12. If I remember correctly they aren't allowed to fight? Wasn't there some big fight with Meyer and the producers of the movies because they might Jacob and Edward fight a little in the movies, which would mean something like breaking the treaty or whatever?

    I think.. for someone who hates the movies and dislikes the books, I know awfully much about them. ARGH! XD

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  13. I don't know who would win lol, I had Edward on mine too but, I thought he would lose lol. Great Answer!
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  14. Ok, so don't tell anyone I said this because I'm not a Twilight fan, buuuut I'd have to say I'd totally root for Jacob!

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  15. I would be interested too, and I'd root for JACOB :D New follower via GFC and Networked Blogs.

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  16. It could be interesting.

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  17. Another Jacob fan :) Great match up!

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  18. I would pick Jacob. I don't like both of them, but at least he doesn't sparkle.