Thursday, 12 July 2012

Feature And Follow Friday (34).

Q: What drove you to start book blogging in the first place?

I used to visit all these different blogs and one day I thought you know what, I love reading why don't I start a blog of my own. Another reason was that no-one else in my house really reads so I don't really have anybody to talk to when I find something really exciting that's book related.


  1. Same here, I do have a couple family members that love to read but they don't talk about them like I do.


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  2. basically the same reason i did. There aren't many people around me who loves to read.

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  3. All my friends read books but they read adult books. I usually read YA.

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  4. None of my family or friends are big readers wither so being able to share what you read with others who have the same passion is great.

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  5. I was lucky before I blogged, I had one very bookish housemate - but I think the rest of the people we lived with got annoyed with our constant bookish ramblings! Blogging is definitely an awesome outlet for it! Great answer!

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  6. Nice! My blog was born out of the desire to win a contest, but I lost. But decided to keep the blog anyway!

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  7. Hi Sarah,
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  8. So strange that there are so many book lovers in the world, but we can't seem to find each other in real life :p One of the main reasons I've read so far is "having nobody else to talk to about books"

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