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Blog Tour: Superheroes Wear Faded Denim - Law Reigns, Guest Post and Book Review (121).


Superheroes Wear Faded Denim

Guest Post...

Given 24 hours all by yourself and money is no object, what would you do:
Train. Run. You don’t need money to run. Have you heard of barefoot running? Don’t cringe. That’s why women have pedicures. When running, a forefoot or midfoot strike is better than a heel strike. It causes less stress on your joints, enabling you to run easier on hard surfaces. You’re more likely to run with a forefoot strike if you run barefoot.
I know we don’t have time for this, but read up on the Tarahumara’s and other tribes who run barefoot.  
What are 3 qualities you look for in a friend:
1.       Trust
2.     Goals
3.      Kindness
What is one lesson a past relationship taught you:                  
Cassandra taught me nothing. I taught her everything. I’m joking. Although I did teach her how to cook, and now she thinks I’m her personal chef. Never give a key to your ex. Don’t ever give them your phone number. The day you break up with them, change it.  
Your mother is Vietnamese and your father Japanese. What is that like:
Both my mother and father have huge pride in their cultures. Thing is Vietnamese and Japanese cultures are very different. Some of it goes deeper than just the languages and the types of food we bring to the dinner table. You have to accept culture shapes how we view the world. Our different viewpoints provide opportunities for disagreement.
There we go. That’s the one thing dating Cassandra taught me. You have to be open. The person you’re dating is not always going to see the world as you do. That’s something you both have to overcome.
What is the best compliment you have ever received:
I receive so many on a daily basis, where do I start? This might sound cheesy, but I do volunteer a lot. People tell me all the time I have such a kind heart. What does that mean? I don’t know, but I like the sound of it.

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This was a very exciting and action-filled story.
The action pretty much starts a couple of pages in and doesn't let up.
What Reigns has written is an intriguing and original take on the Angel myth, mixed in with the reality of life, and the adventures of college.

Blissany unbeknown to her is The Key, she and Don another college student who is the Paladin are to be the saviours of mankind from a war amongst the Angels, and the High and Low courts.
Blissany's friend Wankiya is the Redeemer the King of the Low courts, he has been in love with Blissany for quite a while now, but she is interested in Don and so is her best-friend Demi.
We also have the Angels, Gabriel, Michael, Uriel and Raphael involved.
I liked the POVs of the different characters you could understand  why they are the way they are and also their state of mind.
This at times was such a dark read but it had it's light moments as well which balanced it out.

If you like to read stories about the battles between good and evil, and like Angel themed books then this is the one for you.
This is a great addition to the New Adult genre.
I give this 3.5/5.

Law Reigns has an odd obsession with romance. At the advice of her friends, she gave up the plight of playing cupid in their lives. Developing her own characters to manipulate proved to be more rewarding. After having studied creative writing at the University of Florida, she decided to write Superheroes Wear Faded Denim. A proud Gator alumni, she based  her novel where blood runs orange and blue. She personally invites all adventure druggies and love fanatics to dive into the pages of Faded Denim, a story that transforms a swampy, southern town into a battlefield for life and love. 

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