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Book Review (122): Children Of The In-Between - Jodee Taylah

Children Of The In-Between

Publication: 1st April 2011
Publisher: Toxic Apple Studios
Pages: 74
Genre: Gothic
Age Appropriate: Young Adult
Children of the In-between is essentially about a world between life and death. The story is based around 14-year-old Elizabeth Maddison and her visit to this world when she died for eleven minutes. I’ve set the book out in a very specific format, using diary entries and letters from different characters to really create suspense around Elizabeth’s life.
My Thoughts...
I loved this dark, gothic and creepy book.
What Taylah has written an is an extremely eerie, spine-tingling book
I loved the concept, the story and the illustrations also drawn by the author are fabulous.
Elizabeth is fourteen in 1896 when she 'dies' for eleven minutes which works out to be hundreds of years in the in-between, and in that time she met quite a few people that were trapped there, whom haven't yet moved on, the in-between is a place you go to where you wait to see what they decide to do with you, in Elizabeth's case she was sent back to continue on living, of course once she's brought back no one believes her story, least of all her parents who send her to an asylum.
It's there we learn her story from her illustrations and descriptions in her sketchbook of the friends she made in the in-between while also hearing the story through the Doctor's diaries.
This book is such an original idea, I would have loved an even longer book, the story was so intriguing that it was such a pity when it finally came to an end.
But what you do get from the 74 pages is a well thought out, entertaining read.
I'm eager to see what Taylah will come up with next, this debut is nothing short of brilliant.
I give this a huge 5/5.

Jodee Taylah is a Melbourne based illustrator and creator.
She has been drawing since she could hold a pencil, and writing stories since she knew how to spell. Her love of art has developed consistently throughout her life and Jodee continues to grow as a creative. ​
Studying at NMIT in Melbourne gave Jodee the skills and guidance she needed, and moulded her style into a direction she never knew she could go.
Over the years Jodee has developed a certain gothic flavour to her work, drawing her inspiration from creatives such as Tim Burton, Neil Gaiman and Gris Grimly.
Her illustration style and techniques have attracted recognition by the industry gaining Jodee several award nominations and many opportunities. Jodee has gained awards in 'illustration excellence' and nominations for 'emerging talent' awards. In 2010, her work was personally recognised by Tim Burton as part of his exhibition in Melbourne  an award that Jodee regards highly.
Jodee's work is a blend of the fantastical and creepy lovliness, exploring themes of dark beauty and intrigue. She is inspired by stormy days, unusual landscapes, antiques and pocket-watches.
Jodee's work has been described by industry professionals as 'quirky' and 'beautifully twisted'.


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  1. this sounds really different. the illustration on the cover really catches my eye, not sure if the book is too creepy for me though!