Friday, 7 December 2012

Book Review (178): Untouched (Denazen #1.5) - Jus Accardo

Untouched (Denazen #1.5)

Publication: 27th March 2012
Publisher: Entangled Teen
Pages: 82
Genre: Fantasy/Paranormal
Age Appropriate: Young Adult
Until he met Dez, Kale’s days were filled with violence and death. He was used as a weapon of destruction by the power hungry men of Denazen. He’s a Six. A person with an abnormal ability. Some people call them gifts, but not Kale. Kale’s touch means instant death.

But now there’s Dez, the girl he can touch, and they’re hunting down Sixes and warning them about Denazen. Kale is learning about the world outside captivity and trying to put his dark past behind him. But they underestimated how badly Denazen wanted him back.

When Dez sacrifices herself to save the new Six they’d rescued from falling into the corp’s hands, Kale is lost. Denazen has brought out its best to get the job done. Samsen, a nightmare from Kale’s past—the only person he’s ever truly feared—has come for them, and it soon becomes obvious he has his own twisted agenda.

Kale will need all his training to get Dez back and ensure they make it out, free—and alive. But will it be enough?
My Thoughts...
This was a short but very entertaining novella set between the events of the first book Touch and the second book Toxic.
After the events in Touch, Dez and Kale are chasing down other Sixes that were on a list that was given to them, and they want to get to them before the Denazen Corporation does and they come across a Six named Kiernan whom they have to convince to go with them which results in the day at a fun park a place that Kale has never been in his life and is excited to explore.
But things don't go according to plan and what starts out as an extremely fun day ends up with the three being chased by agents from Denazen, and they've brought a big bad by the name of Samsen who is well accquainted with Kale and the only person that Kale has ever been scared of, but he's going to need to confront his fears if he's going to get Dez, Kiernan and himself out alive.
What I loved so much about this novella is that it's told from Kale's pov and I loved being in his head so to speak, and to know what makes him tick, I wish there was more in upcoming books from his pov, I found it extremely interesting.
This only makes me want to get to the second book even faster because I'm definitely finding myself desperate to find out what's going to happen next.
I give this 5/5.

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