Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Book Review (8).


(Recon Team Angel #1)

The story starts off in 2030 most of the world excluding New Zealand And America (which are now called free territories) have been taken over by aliens called Bzadian's.
They came claiming peace but instead plotted to take over the world and wipe out all of humanity, Australia is their base of operations in particular Uluru in the Northern Territory.
Six soldiers from around the world have been trained to imitate the Bzadians to infiltrate and take them down.
The big mystery is what is hidden inside Uluru , the soldier's task is to find out and then destroy it.
Then of course their is a traitor in amongst the six soldiers and I have to say I never guessed who it was and I was shocked when it was revealed.
But the biggest shock was the ending I never could have guessed at what was inside Uluru it was certainly a big surprise.
If you like a lot of action, gun fights, espionage, deceit and shocking reveals this is the book for you.
I give this book 3.5/5
A big thanks to Joanna @ Walker Books Australia

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