Monday, 17 October 2011

Top Ten Tuesday (1).

Top Ten Tuesday Is A Meme Hosted By The Broke And The Bookish.
Top 10 Books Whose Covers/Titles Made Me Buy It.
Wither - Lauren DeStefano

The Girl In The Steel Corset - Kady Cross
Another I still have to read.
Falling Under - Gwen Hayes
Love the black flowers in the background.
Wake Unto Me - Lisa Cach
Sooo Gorgeous.
Vesper - Jeff Sampson
Looks Eerie.
The Iron Thorn - Caitlin Kittredge
I love how the title looks.
Burn Bright - Marianne De Pierres
Looks creepy.
Blood Song - Rhiannon Hart
I love the look of the girl on the cover.
Halo - Alexandra Adornetto
I love the look of the wings.
Entwined - Heather Dixon
Haven't read it yet but it's gorgeous.


  1. I see a pattern of girls in dresses ;)
    Great choices -- I love them!

  2. All gorgeous covers! I especially like Wake Unto Me and Entwined. Happy Reading

    My List:

  3. I love all the covers! Girl in dresses, they are everywhere! I really, REALLY want to read Burn Bright! Is it available in the US?? I can't find it anywhere.

    Thanks for commenting on ours! -Ivy

  4. Burn Bright isn't available in America I think there's a campaign on Facebook to release it there though.

  5. I also had Halo...and every other cover you've chosen is amazing!

  6. Awesome picks! Seeing lots of Wither, Girl in Steel Corset looks amazing :)

    Here's my Top Ten Books I've Bought because of the cover!

  7. I love these! I'm a huge fan of the Wither and Fever's cover is just as gorgeous! I also love Falling Under, her hair is so beautiful! Fabulous picks! Thanks for stopping by earlier!

  8. The covers for The Iron Thorn and Entwined were done by the same person. :) She's an amazing photographer, so that makes sense. Great choices!

  9. You have some really cool covers! Here's my TTT if you want to read and compare.

  10. I still haven't read any of those books. The covers of the books are gorgeous.

  11. Oh so ma y pretty covers, burn bright is really interesting, makes me wonder what the book is like lol

  12. Your books are better than mine and we have The Girl in the Steel Corset on our lists. wow.

    I am a new follower.

  13. These are all such gorgeous covers!

    I really want to read Blood Song but I can't get hold of it here. :(

    The Girl in the Steel Corset has a lovely cover; I got it just a few weeks ago partly because of the cover.

    My list

  14. These are beautiful covers. You have excellent taste. Thanks for stopping by my blog - I am your newest follower #50 :)