Sunday, 23 October 2011

Musing Mondays (2).

This Is A Meme Hosted By MizB Over At Should Be Reading.

This Week's Musings Asks....
(Do You Listen To Audiobooks? Why, Or Why Not?

I have to say I have never listened to an audiobook, unless you count those you read along with when I was younger.
I'd rather have a book in my hand, and I know if I was listening to an audiobook that I wouldn't pay attention and I'd be doing other stuff and won't have heard what had gone on.
Audiobooks just aren't for me.
Give me a normal book anytime.


  1. It took me a while to get used to the idea of listening to a book instead of reading it, but now I love them!
    Here's Mine

  2. I like the 'normal' books best. However, I do enjoy listening to an audio book when I am crocheting.

  3. I prefer physical books too, but audio books are great for those times you can't have a book in your hands. ;)

    Here's my Musing Mondays post. :)

  4. I wished I liked audiobooks more. If I had a longer commute or traveled a lot, I might enjoy them more. But trying to use them in my everyday live, my mind tends to wander.

  5. Though I favor audiobooks (regular books are preferable however) I can see why some might not enjoy them as much. Nice blog! New follower :)

  6. I don't like audio books because I get distracted too easily. I always have a clear picture of what the characters may look/sound like so I don't like voices picked for me. :) I'd rather have a paperback copy in my hands!
    Here's my MM post
    Vicky @ Books, Biscuits & Tea

  7. I love regular books but I would love to give an audiobook a try but I do see what you mean. I would probably be doing other stuff and not paying attention. Here is my Musing Monday
    New follower :)

  8. I have listened to a few audio books, but for the most part I prefer a real, solid book. However, I love the idea of audio books (especially for those who are blind), and I know quite a few people who enjoy listening to them on trips.

  9. I also prefer regular books over audiobooks, not that I've ever tried one before. I think it'd be wayy too hard to concentrate on an audiobook, and I'd probably end up missing most of the plot.